Isnin, 20 Ogos 2012

PAC PTD 2012!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Walaupun agak lambat sedikit utk update tp ak tetap nk tulis disini sementara tgh rajin menulis ni.hehe.. Hari Khamis lepas, sibuk shopping raya with my siblings and then hp tibe2 berbunyi menandakan masuknye mesej baru. I just open and read it, wahhhh..message from SPA about ralat tmpat xm PAC PTD and this means the date & place for PAC is OUT!!! So nervous as I didn't prepare for it and dunno where the xm will be taken.. So after shopping, going home, just a bit this and that and then finally I gather the courage to open the SPA portal. Entered my id and password and THERE IS IT! My exam will take place at Intan Wilayah Selatan (IKWAS) on 8 - 9/9/2012 . Sume perasaan ade bercampur aduk bile dapat tau. But... whatever happen for a reason. Take a deep breath and out. Ok, need to clear on my mind and my goal. Focus on the current and I always like to go with the flow (He.. Thats me~)..Need to prepare myself mentally and physically! Chaiyok2x!!! 

P/s: Selamat Hari Raye!!! ^^

2 ulasan:

Zhuhainie Zull Kafli berkata...

sy dpt IKWAS juga but on 1st & 2nd of Sept..ada ralat lagi ke?

Sephyraz berkata...

Da check on9 mmg on 8-9hb Sept.yg ralat tu hnya di INTAN Bkt Kiara.. ada terbc ada calon yg dpt xm tarikh 1-2hb, 8-9hb, 19-20hb. myb die buat asing2 coz rmai utk kepastian blh call pegawai inchrge