Ahad, 1 Julai 2012

Fate Choose Who Fall In Love...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Actually dis post have been written by me a long time ago. Today, I accidentally read it and I jz decided 2 put it here. Jz my 2 cents..^^ 
Eherm2.. ok..let me start first..when I heard dis title, I think its true..No matter how u force on someone 2 love u, if fate does not allowed it, it will not happen..No matter how u want 2 stop one person 2 not continue loves sumone u think doesnt deserve them, if fate does not allow it, it'll happen eventually true... So, basically I jz want 2 say, wat u can do is pray for them 2 be in Allah's blessings 4 their entire life n gv a helping hand when they lost their purpose..become sumone dat can be relied upon when d tough times came..Guide them well..Basically peoples heart r pure, it jz when times get though, they lost their ways.. It jz I like simple things & shouldnt we should be happy with our lives? We jz hv dis one chance 2 live, 2 love, 2 learn things surrounds us, so dont simply waste it because of others... Each people have their own opinions, attitude, behavior about things around them, but we all have d same dream, 2 become happy & have a happy ending in d end, so we dont regret wat we hv done up until now... As long as we follow d 2 guide our Prophet has given 2 us: Al-Quran & Hadith ,we will become a blissful person in dis entire life.. It jz people alwys forgot, dats y we need 2 advise and love each other... So, dats it my pure thought though I pray I will remember it 4 my entire lives. Insya-Allah... 2 B happy 2 c sumone U love happy, is simply a love for me..(^^)